17 Sep 2020

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The story of our thriving family business

17 Sep 2020
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The story of our thriving family business began more than 90 years ago in England, and we have been promoting health and wellbeing through our range of herbal medicines, supplements and other products ever since. Our aim is simple, to improve people’s wellbeing and quality of life. We accomplish this through a variety of high quality, natural and healthy products, the direct result of the vision of our founder, Gilbert Lane. Gilbert was an early supporter of the idea that people can improve their health through diet and the use of carefully selected plants and nutrients. As a result his company created demand for special foods and herbal remedies intended to improve quality of life. His son, Roger, a pharmacist, expanded the line company’s line of licensed herbal products and built state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to ensure the very highest quality. Today, traditional herbal knowledge plus high-end manufacturing is still the combination that ensures continued innovation and leadership. We are proud to manufacture and distribute trusted and proven health care brands, now available in over 25,000 locations across the United States.

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